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A Smashing Beverage

As my beautiful partner in crime has written about strawberries and how wonderful they taste this time of year, I have followed with some delicious strawberry-infused cocktails that can also be offered as a non-alcoholic option.

In the arena of cocktails, strawberries are synonymous with frozen drinks, i.e. daiquiris, margaritas, or even pina coladas, as well as their virgin forms.

The trend over the past years has been to take the art of mixology to new levels. I have never seen such creativity within the cocktail industry like I have seen in the last six years. Welcome to the stage, “The Smash.” Originally, according to The Savoy Cocktail Book printed in the 1930s, the Smash consisted of “mint, lump of sugar, ice, and the spirit of your choice” and was considered a simple julep. As with most juleps, the Smash can be made with all kinds of fruit and the choice of your spirit: gin, rum, whiskey, brandy, or a ginger sprite. Yes, you read that correctly, ginger sprite.

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