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Treat Your Heart Well

Since February is The American Heart Association’s Heart Health Month, we will share both small and large steps to help your ticker keep on ticking. Typically, when we speak of heart health and factors to lower your risk of a heart attack, we are speaking to the aging community: those thought to be most at risk for heart attacks.

But new studies have shown that younger generations are not only at risk but are having cardiovascular issues at much greater numbers than in the past.

Much of this can be attributed to busier schedules or a lack of desire to cook after a long day. Often, cooking is not a skill many in the younger generation possess. The modern world has led to a barrage of convenience foods that seem too good to be true. Here is the reality: prepared foods are often chemically laden and detrimental for those who are looking to achieve heart health, or anybody else for that matter.

Keeping the heart healthy requires feeding it with foods that make it strong, foods that nourish the body: fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

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