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It’s a Wrap

It is back to school time… but, this year is starting off as uncertain as the school year ended. We know that many schools will be doing a hybrid semester to start, and many parents just feel safer keeping their kids home. Everyone needs to do what is best for themselves, but let’s be honest, this still puts a lot more pressure on parents to provide extra food at home that would normally be provided at school.

As we all traverse this ‘new normal,’ we are thinking of ways to help families shift into this school year with a few ideas to keep your kids, and yourself, satiated during the day with healthy (or at least healthier) foods.

Wraps are the perfect vessel for a quick and healthy breakfast or lunch, and the options are endless. Kids can grab a wrap, some precut fruit and veggies, and sit down for a healthy lunch without the fuss. If you can spend one afternoon working with the kids to get the week’s snacks, breakfasts, and lunches together, not only will it make the work less for you, but it is also an opportunity to add more math and science into their day by having them measure and figure out how much of any given item will be needed for the week.

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