Founder Transfers Ownership of Local Solar Company

A decade after founding Eagle Point Solar LLC, the longtime owner and environmental evangelist of a tri-state solar business has turned over the reins to a new, local ownership group. Barry Shear founded Eagle Point Solar in 2010. During this period, Shear led and built the foundation and strategic growth initiatives for the Dubuque, IA business. Fast-forward ten years, the business now employs 75 staff members operating from three office locations in the tri-state area. Additionally, throughout this period, Eagle Point Solar has broadened their footprint to serve a wider array of industries and expanded their territory coverage in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Shear sold Eagle Point Solar to a group of four experienced employees and two local investors. The business is now owned by Eagle Point Solar team members: Jim Pullen, Randy Ambrosy, Larry Steffen, and Tod Hollenback. The four new owners have a combined 20 years of experience with the company. Dennis Buchheit and Toben Murdock bring financial support to the new ownership group. Buchheit and Murdock currently own and operate The New Eagle Group headquartered in Dubuque.

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