2020 Butler Fellows to Conduct Research

In its third year, the John and Alice Butler Summer Research Fellowship continues to empower University of Dubuque students from all majors to conduct research, prepare for graduate examinations, and visit graduate schools in preparation for their post-university professional lives.

This summer, seven fellows will research a variety of topics including Dubuque’s microclimate changes; transitional justice, racial violence, and memorializing Nathaniel Morgan; and butterfly diversity in remnant and restored prairies in Dubuque County.

Fellows will commit 400 hours of work on their research over a 10 week period during the summer. They will each receive a stipend of $4,500 and an additional $500 for research-associated supplies or travel costs. Fellows are required to present their research results during the following academic year at a local, regional, or national conference.

The following students were named 2020 Butler Fellows:

Taiana Butler, a senior environmental science major from Dubuque, IA
Project: Dubuque’s Microclimate Changes
Advisor: Dale Easley, PhD, professor of geology

Natalie Dienstbach, a senior biology major from St. Louis, MO
Project: Evaluating Carbamide Peroxide and Vitamin D Effects of Teeth and Restorative Materials
Advisor: Adam Hoffman, PhD, associate professor of environmental chemistry and head of the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences

Emily Highnam, a senior elementary education major from Cedar Falls, IA
Project: Dubuque School of the Wild: Curriculum Development and Implementation
Advisor: Angela Brandel, EdD, professor of teacher education

Savannah Jones, a senior criminal justice and sociology double major from Dubuque, IA
Project: Transitional Justice, Racial Violence, and Memorializing Nathaniel Morgan
Advisors: Henry Grubb, PhD, professor of psychology, and Brian Hallstoos, PhD, associate professor of history

Aubrey Manders, a junior human health science major from Dubuque, IA
Project: A Survey of the Compounds Generated During Vaping
Advisor: Mark Sinton, PhD, assistant professor of natural and applied sciences

Jenna Meyers, a senior biology major from Rockford, IL
Project: Butterfly Diversity in Remnant and Restored Prairies in Dubuque County
Advisors: Gerald Zuercher, PhD, professor of biology and vertebrate ecology, and Michele Zuercher, teaching specialist

Samuel Zebarth, a senior environmental science, biology, and philosophy and ethics triple major from Dubuque, IA
Project: Connecting Dubuque: Developing Software to Analyze Local Climate Data
Advisor: Dale Easley, PhD, professor of geology

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