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Mediacom Communications: Mediacom Announces $27,194 in Grants to Fund 14 New Arts Projects

Mediacom Communications announced the newest grantees to receive community arts and cultural grants of $27,194 to support music, dance, theater, arts education and other cultural experiences in the coming year.

During a “Celebration of the Arts” reception, leaders of the Mediacom Arts and Culture Foundation announced the selection of 14 local non-profit organizations whose grant requests were selected for funding. Grant recipients will provide a broad variety of art and cultural experiences for students and community residents of all ages in the coming year.

Since 2006, Mediacom has contributed nearly $423,000 to fund 201 grants requested by more than 60 different non-profit organizations and schools within the city or Dubuque. In this latest round of grant announcements, selected organizations received funds in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 to meet specific project requests.

“Projects supported with Mediacom Arts and Culture Grants give residents of all ages new experiences as participants or… audience members,” said Chris Lenart, producer for Mediacom’s local TV channel, MC22. “Dubuque is blessed with a diverse range of creativity, and Mediacom is proud to support the organizations that provide these cultural opportunities for our community.”

Lenart serves on the Mediacom Arts and Culture Foundation Committee, along with another Mediacom employee, Kate Kastli. The Committee includes three community members: Gail Chavenelle, Kathleen McMullen, and Connie Twining. In their roles, they encourage local organizations to develop new projects and review grant proposals to make selection decisions.

2019 Grant Recipients (most productions to be staged in 2020):

Bell Tower Productions: $1,500 – To support the 2020 musical Annie, which will include 180 local children and adult mentors.

Clarke University: $2,431 – Will allow the Quigley Gallery at Clark University to mount an Urban Murals exhibit to provide insight into murals created for downtown buildings. The unique project, Voices Production Murals, will feature large format inject prints with supportive video content.

Dream Center: $1,500 – As a new grantee, the Dream Center will provide students in income-challenged families with opportunities to participate in quality arts experiences and explore choir, dance, guitar, piano, and other arts activities.

Dubuque Arts Council: $2,500 – The Dubuque Arts Council will use its $2,500 grant to support performances by ShehBesh, an ensemble of Arab-Jewish musicians who strive to use their balance of East and West music to reflect the harmony of their respective cultures. The musicians are part of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and will perform at 19 Dubuque schools and present a public performance at the Heritage Center.

Dubuque Community Schools, Audubon Elementary: $1,538 – Funding for Family Arts Night at Audubon School. Students and their parents will participate in evening art lessons.

Dubuque Museum of Art: $2,000 – The Dubuque Museum of Art will provide a series of free Saturday events featuring a diverse array of performing and visual arts programs.

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra: $2,025 – To celebrate the Symphony’s 50th anniversary, the grant underwrites the addition of ballet as the Symphony presents the magical storytelling of Peter and the Wolf.

Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools: $2,000 – The grant will allow 5th grade students to attend the University of Dubuque Heritage Center School Bus Series performance of Walk On, the Rosa Parks story.

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival: $2,500 – Provides support for a winter film series that will present “cause related” films through a series of collaborative events.

National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium: $2,400 – A Haunting on Lincoln Avenue at the Mathias Ham House will be a unique theatrical experience to present humanities content and interpretation of a Victorian Halloween.

Rising Star Theater Company: $1,900 – The grant supports the design elements for the 2020 youth production, which will cast every student who auditions and will involve more than 200 youth participants.

St. Mark’s Youth Enrichment Program: $1,000.00 – St. Mark Art SMARTS will provide a summer art program in conjunction with the Dubuque Museum of Art to engage youth in academic learning that promotes creativity and arts.

Sunnycrest Manor Auxiliary: $1,500.00 – Will support a series of special outings will be arranged to provide residents with opportunities to attend off-site arts and cultural events.

Tri-State Wind Symphony: $2,400.00 – Tri-State Wind Symphony will purchase a xylophone to complete its percussion section and continue its series of free summer concert performances at Eagle Point Park.

Editor’s note: This article was provided by Mediacom Communications.

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