City Receives Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Grant

The City of Dubuque has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs through the Historic Resources Development Program to conduct an in-depth survey and research about the history, contributions, and places associated with Black Dubuquers.

Dubuque’s Black Heritage Survey will provide a deeper understanding of the families, history, landmarks, places, and experience of Dubuque’s Black community, going back to the community’s start in the 1830s. The Survey will be comprised of an in-depth research component and genealogical outreach component, and will develop a database of information, documents, and material culturally related to the work. The results will help shape understanding of the city’s Black heritage.

The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs announced that the City of Dubuque and more than 200 organizations and artists across Iowa will receive grants to help fuel the resurgence of Iowa’s arts, film, heritage, humanities, and creative sectors.

For more information, contact Wally Wernimont at 563.589.4210 or

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