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Digital Screens Wreak Havoc on the Eyes: Prevent Damage to Your’s and Your Child’s Vision

by Kimberly Blaker

As parents can attest, the amount of time kids spend plugged in can be a real problem. There are plenty of good reasons for parents’ concern. But it isn’t just that it’s sedentary, isolating, and decreases their attention spans. Digital screens also cause eye damage and vision problems.

One of these problems, computer vision syndrome, is also known as digital eye strain. More concerning, however, is the permanent damage blue light causes to the eyes. But kids aren’t the only ones affected. Adults’ eyes are affected by digital screens as well.

Digital Eye Strain
Computer vision syndrome causes vision problems and eye discomfort. As the American Optometric Association (AOA) explains, it results from extended viewing of computer screens, e-readers, tablets, and cell phones. The more time spent on digital devices, the worse the discomfort becomes.

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