Crossroads – A Church for Non-Denominational Christian Families

by Chloe Grass

Family, spirit, community, diversity, inclusivity, unique: these are just a few of the words one might use to describe a church service and the congregation at Crossroads Church in Peosta, Iowa. Crossroads has operated out of the Peosta Community Center, located at 7896 Burds Road, since Sept. 7, 2014, when they held their first service. The church has seen some extraordinary growth since starting their Sunday services eight years ago, and advancing so much that more space is now needed to accommodate their growing group of weekly service attendees and their programs. Accordingly, in the next five years, you will be able to see Crossroads Church from Highway 20 to Peosta, as the organizers plan to kick-off building their very own church.

Started in 2013 as a community Bible study by Pastor Dan Allison, the group soon gained enough members to expand. Pastor Allison soon sought out six other “founding families” of Crossroads to assist him. By 2014, Crossroads had weekly Sunday services taking place at Peosta Community Center. Crossroads invites followers of all Christian sects to discover their church. People come from Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and other Christian backgrounds to worship at Crossroads.

The Lead Pastor of Crossroads, Matt Beers, came from Georgia in March of 2020 with his wife Michele Beers (the Church’s Communications Director) and their three kids. According to Pastor Beers, the diverse people of Crossroads drew the Beers family to Peosta, as it does many others. He says Crossroads is a diverse, non-denominational church, attracting lots of different Christian perspectives, so his sermons are always all-inclusive and non-opinionated. Notably, Pastor Beers believes people enjoy meeting and connecting with people from other walks of life, and he says Crossroads provides that opportunity.

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