Bringing Dubuque’s Carnegie-Stout Public Library Into the 21st Century

Everyone knows that the library is the place to check out books. But have you ever considered that public libraries in the United States provide a place for critical needs extending far beyond books? Libraries bring benefits that are both tangible, such as community spaces and human interaction, and harder to quantify, such as access, privacy, and intellectual freedom.

The current collections of Carnegie-Stout are impressive, containing more than 240,000 items including print, audio/video materials, and various online resources including eBooks, digital magazines, streaming movies, research databases, and more. In addition, Carnegie-Stout offers an inventory of non-traditional items for check out as well, from hot spots and GoPro cameras to baking pans, board games, and ukuleles. A fairly recent addition is the Maker Space. The Maker Space maintains several 3D printers, and other creative equipment that can be used onsite.

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