Voices Studios New Exhibit Starts December 1

Join Voices Studios for the unveiling of an unprecedented exhibit that seamlessly marries classical painting styles with a contemporary edge. This unique showcase features the works of two remarkably talented artists, Timothy Rees and Evan Ventris, whose masterpieces embody a perfect blend of traditional techniques with a touch of modern sophistication. Their collective creations are set to illuminate Voices Studios in an exclusive set of works that embody beauty, landscapes and the human spirit, demonstrating a profound and harmonious merger of past and present artistic expressions.

Additionally, the Studio Gallery will feature an eclectic array of works by graffiti writer-turned studio artist Mario ZORE Gonzalez that transcend boundaries, embracing the dynamism of street culture while exuding an air of refinement, beckoning all to witness the confluence of urban grit and sophistication in each stroke and spray.

Voices Studios is pleased to have the artists present for the Opening Reception. All are invited and welcome to attend this exhibition, and to participate in the expanding art scene in the Central Corridor. There is no charge and refreshments will be served.
Voices Studios is located at 1585 Central Avenue, Dubuque, IA. Be a part of the gallery’s evolving exhibitions that create dialog, engage the community, and enrich the experience of the arts in Dubuque.

Friday, December 1, 2023 – Doors open at 5pm
Artists talks beginning at 6pm
Followed by First Fridays Opening Reception until 9:30pm
Exhibit will continue through January 28, 2024

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