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American Airlines Adds Flights to Dubuque Regional Airport

American Airlines has finalized the April 2021 flight schedule and they will be adding a flight to Dubuque beginning April 2, 2021-five days a week.


  • Flight #4107 departs DBQ at 6:00 AM arrives ORD at 7:05 AM
  • Flight #3967 departs DBQ at 10:47 AM arrives ORD at 11:50 AM (*except Tue/Wed)


  • Flight #3584 departs ORD at 9:05 AM arrives DBQ at 10:13 AM (*except Tue/Wed)
  • Flight #3904departs ORD at 9:35 PM arrives DBQ at 10:55 PM (Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun)
  • Flight #3904 departs ORD at 5 PM arrives DBQ at 6:05 PM (Tue, Wed, Sat)

Todd Dalsing, Dubuque Regional Airport Director, said, “We are finally seeing a turn in passenger demand for the airline & travel industry – from the worst year in history for air travel demand, to airlines beginning their recovery phases. With vaccines becoming readily available, there is a lot of pent-up travel demand, especially for leisure destinations. Nationwide TSA throughput numbers have continued to increase, reaching over a million travelers the beginning of March 2021.”

Travelers who have questions, can contact American Airlines at (800) 433-7300; go to DBQ Airport website www.flydbq.com and click on Traveler’s Aid; or call (844) IFLYDBQ – (844) 435-9327.

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