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Medical Associates Announces New Arrivals

Dr. Edward Miles

As a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Edward Miles uses radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) to cure or reduce the symptoms of cancer. He has extensive training and experience in developing radiation programs using state-of-the-art treatment methods in the community cancer setting. Dr. Miles will also serve as the Medical Director for Radiation Oncology at the MercyOne Dubuque Cancer Center opening in June. He previously served as the Medical Director/Radiation Oncologist at Northern Illinois Cancer Treatment Center and served in the United States Navy with numerous leadership roles.

Medical Associates is also pleased to announce the arrival of Tyler Willman, MD, to their Otolaryngology (ENT) department. Dr. Willman will care for disorders of the head and neck and provide diagnosis and treatment for people of all ages, which may include medications or surgery. Surgical options include cancer surgery, ear, sinus, and throat surgery, and nasal, reconstructive, and plastic surgery.

Shelby Kronlage, ARNP, will be joining Medical Associates in the Gastroenterology Department. As a member of our Gastroenterology team, Shelby will work very closely with Dr. Brian Covey and Kari Ernst, ARNP, to provide care for digestive disorders such as GERD, bowel conditions, colon or gastric polyps, difficulty swallowing, esophageal conditions, and irritable bowel syndrome. She will also provide pre-op examinations for procedures. Shelby worked as an ARNP for the past six years at Signify Health and also has eight years of experience working as a registered nurse in Critical care.

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