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Cool Summer Treats

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Okay, so maybe I am aging myself here, but the hot and humid days of July were always made a little sweeter and cooler with the family gathered around the old ice cream churner; where all of us kids eagerly took turns cranking the cream until each one of us was too tired to continue. It seemed like it took forever, and back then, it probably did, as you were relying on ‘kid power’ to churn cream into ice cream, but it was worth the sore arms and extra sweat when we were finally able to open the bucket and relish in our frozen creamy treat. We made all sorts of flavors, from classic vanilla, chocolate, and my personal favorite, strawberry – picked from grandma’s garden.

Nowadays, technology has all but made the old fashion crank machines a thing of the past, with motorized machines that make homemade ice cream easier than ever before. The modern ice cream maker had made our favorite summer treat accessible any day of the week. Don’t eat dairy or eggs? Don’t worry, we have a vegan banana cream recipe to make you happy too.

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