Breitfelder Named Dubuque’s Next City Clerk

The Dubuque City Council has named Adrienne Breitfelder as Dubuque’s next city clerk. She will replace Kevin Firnstahl who is retired after nearly ten years as city clerk and over 21 years of employment with the City of Dubuque.

As city clerk, Breitfelder will be responsible for administrative and clerical work in support of the activities of the city council and the Dubuque Civil Service Commission. The city clerk is the custodian of the official records of the city council. The work involves responsibility for the preparation of all items of business to come before the city council; preparing, maintaining and attesting to the official records of actions taken by the city council in regular and special meetings; giving proper publicity to legal notices, adopted resolutions ordinances, and city council minutes; and providing secretarial services to the city council.

The city clerk position, along with city attorney and city manager, is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the city council. Breitfelder’s appointment follows a search and interview process. She began her employment with the City on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Breitfelder holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in communication and information technology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has been employed by IBM in Dubuque since 2013 and is currently a program manager. Previous positions with IBM include customer facing audit team lead, transition manager, service request coordinator, and quality improvement coordinator. Her roles with IBM required and involved project management, customer service, compliance review, workflow documentation and security, and regulatory knowledge.

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