Loras College CARESLab Unveiling New Space

The Loras College Cancer Research in Exercise Science Laboratory (CARESLab) unveiled its newly renovated facility in Keane Hall at a grand opening ceremony on May 7. The event was held for select guests to stay in line with CDC safety guidelines.

The renovation project updated and expanded a 2,550 square foot space in Keane Hall. This location was chosen because of its ability to provide a safe and private facility where cancer patients can receive clinical exercise programming and testing as part of their routine cancer care.

The new space was made possible through a $330,000 grant award from a charitable trust. The work on the new space was completed in early 2020. However, the area was closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure that the space is safe for both patients and care providers, the following steps have been taken:

*Ventilation: Windows will be open at all times during exercise sessions to maximize ventilation. Further, the new CARESLab HVAC system consists of two units and is only servicing those spaces, meaning that the entire HVAC system is just for the CARESLab, and there is no air return from anywhere else in the building.

*PPE/Masking: Masks will be required of all those in the CARESLab space. All patients and individuals working in the CARESLab will be provided additional PPE as needed.

*Vaccinations: All CARESLab staff are fully vaccinated. Due to vaccine distribution being open to all adults, it is entirely likely that the majority of patients entering the CARESLab will also have been vaccinated, maximizing safety for themselves and the staff.

*Social Distancing: The exercise equipment in the space has been set up to be no less than 10 feet apart and positioned to take the best advantage of open windows. The CARESLab will be operating at a limited capacity to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

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