Galena Area Chamber of Commerce Launched an Entrepreneur Lab

The Galena Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share that they’ve launched an Entrepreneur Lab to provide ongoing support to local startups and existing businesses. The Entrepreneur Lab provides the following services, at no cost, to entrepreneurs in the community.

Offering Business Support Services & Startup Coaching
Entrepreneurs get unlimited one-on-one, on-demand coaching that helps them move from business idea to open for business. Providing help for entrepreneurs’ planning, problem-solving, and overcoming the many obstacles that pop up along the way.

Business Management Coaching
Unfortunately, most new ventures fail within the first five years. One-on-one business management coaching helps established businesses overcome common challenges, develop clear goals, and keep a laser focus on the things that actually matter. The result – stronger, more successful businesses.

Monthly Entrepreneur Roundtables
Rural entrepreneurs can feel lonely. Our roundtables expand their access to smart business owners from across the country. Roundtables help entrepreneurs tap into useful resources and critical knowledge. They also help reduce the “you don’t know what you don’t know” pitfall that can trip up businesses in small towns.

Monthly Panel Discussions
Do you have online sales experts in your community? What about programmers, social media specialists, or web design experts? Professional Development Panels give your entrepreneurs direct access to expertise in all the right areas to grow their business online. Help your small businesses become big businesses.

Access the Entrepreneur Lab
To visit the Entrepreneur Lab, simply use this link and sign up for the services that make sense for your business: Galena Area Chamber of Commerce ( link can also be found on the Chamber home page.

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