Dubuque County Historical Society Receives Funding

The Dubuque County Historical Society (DCHS) was recently awarded funding from the City of Dubuque Arts and Cultural Affairs grant programs for both operating support and special projects.

Funding from the operating support grant totaled $30,000 and provides general support for the fundamental needs of DCHS as the organization continues to advance all seven of the City’s Arts and Cultural Goals and works to enrich the region through cultural exploration, year-round arts and culture events, programs, and services.

Funding from the special projects grant totaled $7,000 and will support Home for the Holidays: A Celebration of Christmas Traditions at the Mathias Ham Historic Site. Home for the Holidays will be held over a series of weekends in December and presents a fresh approach to the Ham Site’s traditional programming by offering a fully immersive, multidisciplinary series that melds historic interpretation with contemporary and participatory arts experiences for all ages.

The series will feature a Traditions Exhibit that is currently seeking submissions from the community that highlight social, cultural, or religious holiday traditions of all kinds. It will also provide residents and visitors an immersive, living history experience that promotes historic preservation and highlights the cultural heritage of the area’s early settlers and the diversity of the citizens who reside here today. For more information on how to submit your holiday tradition, contact

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