AllofUsDubuque focuses on Uniting as a Community

Since March, the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have touched all people in Dubuque. The only way to save lives and ensure the well-being of everyone is to stand together as one community and ensure no one is left out of the recovery.

That is the message behind #AllofUsDubuque, a new campaign facilitated by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque in partnership with dozens of local organizations, agencies, and businesses. As the pandemic continues and Dubuque re-opens its economy, the campaign will reach the community through the sharing of stories via social and traditional media.

#AllofUsDubuque will highlight the diversity of experiences of Dubuquers who not only are impacted by COVID-19 but also are overcoming their challenges to help their community. The campaign includes stories such as:

  • An Afghan-born member of the City Manager’s Office whose work on poverty prevention was cut short when the pandemic impacted his residency status.
  • A single mother of six who is working to help make her Marshallese community healthier.
  • A self-isolating senior working from home to coordinate food distributions to Dubuque’s Guatemalan community.

Via, the campaign also will celebrate and provide background information about many of the diverse communities in Dubuque.

#AllofUsDubuque is informed by the national #AllofUs campaign, which shares similar goals as the local effort but on a larger scale. The local campaign is endorsed by 25 local organizations, including some of Dubuque’s largest employers, educational institutions, religious institutions, and governmental bodies.

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