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Clarke Continues Facility Upgrades with Homeland Security Grant

Following a $229,436.52 award from the Homeland Security Grant Program, Clarke University is undergoing significant updates to enhance the safety and security of its community members.

The grant, part of over $4.6 million awarded to organizations across the state of Iowa, will enable the university to add security features such as chip readers, security cameras, and enhanced lighting to the majority of its buildings, including all student residence halls and apartments. Updates will also be made to facilities that are commonly open to the public, such as Terence Donaghoe Hall and the Robert and Ruth Kehl Center.

The funds advance the work that started with a Dubuque Racing Association grant that financed the purchase and installation of a chip reader to the R.C. and Celeste Wahlert Atrium earlier this year. These investments in increased security measures will benefit Clarke students and employees, as well as the university’s neighbors on Clarke Drive.

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