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An Original Play: The Forgiving & The Forgetting

The Forgiving & The Forgetting is an original play about a family engaged in the journey through Alzheimer’s. The script is based on the playwright’s experiences of caring for her mother and the caregiver workshops offered by Healing Moments for Alzheimer’s.

The enlightening, inspiring, and hope-filled message of The Forgiving &The Forgetting breathes life into the recommended interventions for addressing the challenges and stressors experienced by Alzheimer’s caregivers. The communication techniques and spiritual issues brought forward in this creative performance are presented in a way that evokes emotion in audiences, bringing the capacity for greater impact, greater learning, and greater healing.

To view the play visit youtube.com/watch?v=EbKYXpGSEpc. For more information, contact Jade Angelica at jadeangelica@gmail.com or (563) 582-4724

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