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The Last Drop of Wine

"When it came to writing about wine, I did what almost everybody does - faked it" –Art Buchwald

I think we can all recall a time when we finished the last of something that was so good that we were sorry there wasn’t more. It may have been a particularly fascinating book we hated to see come to an end, or maybe it was an enchanting weekend with friends that was so special that you know that even though you’ll get together again, it won’t quite be the same. Or it may have been a bottle of wine, the last one you have, and that last sip from your glass brings happiness for having enjoyed it, but ruefulness knowing there is no more.

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John, now retired, will continue to write about wine and craft beer. He now has more time to enjoy both beverages and plans to visit more places that grow grapes and produce wine with an occasional brewery along the way.


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