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New Comfort and Peace for Residents of Stonehill

Stonehill Franciscan Services is proud to announce that some residents are getting an upgrade in comfort thanks to a grant from the Dubuque Racing Association. The grant funded two new specialty wheelchairs for residents with dementia symptoms including restlessness and anxiety. The new Rock n’ Go® wheelchairs feel more like an easy chair and allow the residents to recline and rock within the safety of their wheelchair.

Four residents have used the chairs since they were purchased through the grant. Family members of the residents shared that the chairs provided improved comfort for their loved ones.

“She [mother] doesn’t seem to have any anxious moments,” said the daughter of one of the residents, discussing how the new chair was “far better than a traditional wheelchair.”

Stonehill caregivers and support staff have also noticed improvements in their patients with the use of the new chairs. “The chairs are a great non-pharmaceutical intervention,” said Rachel Kruser, Clinical Resource Nurse. “The rocking motion of the Rock N Go chair has a soothing effect and the tilting feature provides comfortable positioning.” That equals less agitation, improved comfort, and a lower risk of falls.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Dubuque Racing Association for this opportunity to improve quality of life for the residents,” said Gretchen Brown, President and CEO of Stonehill Franciscan Services.

Visit the Stonehill website at Stonehilldbq.com.

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