by Sara Steuer

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize what our pre-pandemic lives used to be while currently residing in our not-yet-post-pandemic world. The relative ease previously found in our everyday existence has changed vastly with masked faces in public spaces, empty store shelves, reduced capacities at venues to allow for physical distancing, and months long waits for medical appointments due to staffing shortages. While most hope these changes are temporary, there’s one realm seeing such a profound shift in operations that it’s difficult to imagine it not being changed forever.

Since spring of 2021, the United States has seen what’s called “The Big Quit.” Also known as “The Great Resignation,” it’s a trend of workers voluntarily leaving their jobs to pursue other opportunities. This could mean that they’ve found better options with other companies, established a greater work-life balance by going out on their own either as freelancers or gig workers, or perhaps they’ve simply left the workforce altogether. The trend has become so vast it’s not only earned its own designation, but also forced employers across the spectrum to rethink the way they do business. This includes how they accommodate employees to optimize retention, as well as how they hire new workers – often offering unheard of bonuses and increased pay to attract even the most meager number of applicants to a position.

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