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Hirschbach Unveils Newest Armed Forces Support Truck

Hirschbach Motor Lines hosted the unveiling of their newest wrapped truck honoring the US Armed Forces on May 14 at the Hirschbach Orientation Building in East Dubuque, IL. CEO Brad Pinchuk hosted a live podcast during the unveiling. The truck will be on display and open to visitors. The driver of the truck, Robert Goodnow, along with Brad and wife, Jillayne Pinchuk, were available for photos and to answer questions.

As a veteran owned company, they are proud to have many veterans and members of the Reserve as part of the team. Every year, Hirschbach honors these team members with a special recognition for Veteran’s Day, and bi-annually, they also include a giveaway for a custom truck wrap honoring the Armed Forces. The recipient of the 2020 Veteran’s Day giveaway worked with Dubuque based company Gigantic to create this Marine themed wrap.

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