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River Museum’s Orphaned Otter Welcomes Fellow Orphan

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium announced the arrival of a female North American River Otter. The female otter has now joined the River Museum’s recently acquired male river otter in the Flooded Forrest habitat.

The female river otter was housed independently for a period of time to ensure her health before introducing her to other resident animals within the River Museum. Following this quarantine period, the female otter was given an opportunity to explore the male otter’s habitat and get used to his scent. Similarly, the male otter was placed in the female’s holding area to help him acclimate to her scent.

The otters were allowed to be in physical contact with each other. During this period, keepers closely monitored the animals and were surprised by how smoothly the introduction went.

Visit them at the National Mississippi River Museum soon.

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