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Ohnward Fine Arts Center – “We Did It!”

Gary and Marilyn Drew sat in on a board meeting back on November 13, 2017. They made a pledge that if the Ohnward Fine Arts Center could raise $20,000 on their own, then they, the Drew’s, would write a check for $50,000.

Ohnward Fine Arts Center is happy to say, “We did it!” The fine arts center had until August 31 to raise their portion of the money. Thanks to the many generous Ohnward Fine Arts Center patrons they were able to raise just over the $20,000 required to get the matching funds.

The money from Gary and Marilyn Drew will be used for many items at the Ohnward Fine Arts Center. Most importantly it will eliminate the roof loan that the center has been paying on since August of 2016. There are still repairs that need to be done to the building because of the water damage done by the prior roof.

Recently they installed new carpet and replaced the two DLP XGA 6000lm projectors that show sponsors and coming events on the 20-foot by 30-foot side walls.

Much thanks to Gary and Marilyn Drew.


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