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Mediacom Announces $26,288 in Grants to Fund Arts Projects

Mediacom Communications announced the newest recipients to receive community arts and cultural grants of $26,288 to support music, dance, theater, and other arts experiences in the coming year.

During a “Celebration of the Arts” reception, leaders of the Mediacom Arts and Culture Foundation announced the selection of 13 local non-profit organizations whose grant requests were selected for funding. Grant recipients will provide a broad variety of art and cultural experiences for students and community residents in the coming year.

Since 2006, Mediacom has contributed more than $395,000 to fund 187 grants requested by more than 60 different nonprofit organizations within the city or Dubuque County. Three first-time grant recipients for 2018 are Stonehill Franciscan Services, University of Dubuque, and Audubon Elementary School.

A Mediacom grant of $1,950 will help Stonehill Franciscan provide its residents with a series of three outdoor concerts and four art workshops to be held at Stonehill. The University of Dubuque Heritage Center will use its grant to support a “Page to Stage” series created for K-12 students to elevate their appreciation for both books and performing arts. The Dubuque Symphony Orchestra was awarded a $2,000 grant to help underwrite its costs to present a fully staged production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. The community will be able to see the opera performed in April as the capstone event for the symphony’s 60th anniversary.

Other grants will fund a wide variety of music, theater, photography, and visual arts programs for students and community residents.

2018 Grant Recipients (most productions to be staged in 2019):

  • Bell Tower Productions: $2,000.
  • Dubuque Arts Council: $2,000.
  • Dubuque Community Schools, Audubon Elementary: $1,538.
  • Dubuque Museum of Art: $3,000.
  • Dubuque Symphony Orchestra: $2,000.
  • Grand Opera House Theater: $2,000.
  • National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium: $2,000.
  • Rising Star Theater: $2,000.
  • St. Mark’s Youth Enrichment Program: $3,000.
  • Stonehill Franciscan Services: $1,950.
  • Sunnycrest Manor Auxiliary: $1,800.
  • Tri-State Wind Symphony: $2,000.
  • University of Dubuque: $1,000.


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