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Hills & Dales Childcare Center Receives Level 5 Rating

The Hills & Dales Childcare Center is proud to announce they have once again received an Iowa Quality Rating System (QRS) Level 5. This is the top level a childcare center can receive, which means the Center is going above and beyond to provide quality care to the children they serve and support. Hills & Dales is among the few childcare centers in Dubuque that has achieved the Level 5 rating. This is a significant achievement for the staff, children, and families as the Center has only been in existence since the summer of 2008. To achieve and maintain a QRS Level 5 it takes many months of training, environmental preparation, and hard work by staff.

Level 5 on the Quality Rating System indicates: 1) the state requirements for childcare center licensing, including criminal and child abuse record checks have been met; 2) work with a childcare nurse consultant was completed, staff orientation was provided, and staff skills have been assessed; 3) additional credit for education and experience, training, health and safety compliance, and working with parents was earned. All QRS programs, regardless of their level, have made a commitment to providing quality care to children.

Hills & Dales is dedicated to building meaningful lives for individuals with disabilities by offering services that support the whole person and enhance community inclusion.


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