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Forbes Ranks Dupaco as the #1 Credit Union in Iowa

Forbes, in its first-ever ranking of in-state financial institutions released June 28, named Dupaco Community Credit Union the top-rated credit union in Iowa. Dupaco’s score also outpaced the top-rated bank in the state, according to the report.

Forbes partnered with Statista, a market research firm, to survey more than 25,000 U.S. consumers for their opinions on current and former financial relationships. According to Forbes, the banks and credit unions were rated on overall recommendations and satisfaction, as well as five sub-dimensions: 1) Trust; 2) Terms and conditions; 3) Branch services; 4) Digital services; and 5) Financial advice.

Forbes recognized merely 269 banks and credit unions from across the United States, including six in Iowa. Nationwide financial institutions, which have branches in at least 15 U.S. states, were excluded from the final rankings, said Forbes.


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