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Clarke University’s Gitua Selected to Work with Kisii University in Kenya

Dr. Mary Gitau, Assistant Professor of Social Work at Clarke University, was awarded a fellowship by the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP) to travel to Kenya to work with Dr. Herman Kiriama at Kisii University on a project entitled Creating a Framework for Development of a Center for Peace‚ Social Justice‚ Equality‚ and Security through Curriculum Review and Establishment of Research Collaboration.

Kisii University is located in a cosmopolitan city surrounded by several communities facing threats against their peace, and the communities are fighting against the invasion of their territory. Establishment of the Center for Peace, Social Justice, Equality, and Security will help address the infighting among communities and bring different stakeholders together for peaceful dialogue.

The project activities involve working with the Kisii’s Department of Social Work to strengthen and develop curricula to meet international standards, facilitating and mentoring research workshops and trainings for graduate students, initiating joint collaborative research projects with Kisii University faculty members, and exploring opportunities for faculty and student exchanges between Kisii University and Clarke University.


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