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UD Announces Pilot Partnership with Republic Airline

The University of Dubuque is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement for pilot development and career progression with Republic Airline.

The partnership enables flight students at collegiate aviation programs to interview with the airline before graduation. If students meet Republic’s qualifications, they receive a conditional offer of employment and will be eligible to receive a bonus of as much as $17,500 as well as direct support from Republic as they work toward achieving the flight hours or ratings to meet ATP minimum requirements.

Republic pilots train to fly the Embraer E170 and E175 aircraft, the most advanced commercial aircraft in the industry. Since the creation of its first partnership program in 2015, Republic has had more than 500 pilot cadets enter the program, many of whom have already transitioned into First Officers with Republic.

The signing signals the latest airline agreement at UD that provides students a pathway to careers in aviation. Other agreements are Cape Air-JetBlue University Gateway Program, Delta Airlines Inc., and Endeavor Air Inc. Agreement, Envoy Cadet Program, ExpressJet Airline Pilot Pathway Program, GoJet Airlines’ Wingman Pipeline Program, Mesa Airlines and University of Dubuque Pilot Pipeline Program, Piedmont Airlines Pilot Cadet Program, PSA Pilot Cadet Program, SC Aviation Corporate Flying Internship, and SkyWest Pilot Bridge Program.


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