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Annual Global Perspectives Leadership Award Winners Announced

Luke Schaefer

The Thomas Determan Global Perspectives Endowment has selected the high school seniors who will receive the annual Global Perspectives Leadership Award. These students exhibited extraordinary awareness of global issues and demonstrated their leadership abilities through community service and volunteerism. The 2018 scholarship winners are: Luke Schaefer, Wahlert Catholic High School; Jenna Springer, Hempstead High School; and Rachel Steil, Hempstead High School.

The Thomas Determan Global Perspectives Leadership Award was established in 2013 to recognize outstanding high school seniors who have demonstrated behaviors focused on “thinking globally and acting locally.” Specifically, the Award seeks to educate applicants and others of the themes of global education. Global Perspectives Education is defined as “the interrelated nature of conditions, issues, trends, processes, and events affecting the quality of life on the planet Earth.”

Thomas Determan devoted his career as a teacher in the Dubuque public schools to educating socially-conscious and curious future leaders who approach their lives from a global perspective. Determan said that this scholarship is for “…people who see themselves as visionaries, pioneers, and paradigm shifters.” Although Determan passed away in 2014, his words and actions continue to inspire students and teachers to learn about the world around them.


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