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Wide River Winery

"Wine is a living thing. It is made, not only of grapes and yeasts, but of skill and patience. When drinking it, remember that to the making of that wine has gone, not only the labor and care of years, but the experience of centuries." –Allan Sichel

The widest point of the Mississippi River north of Clinton, IA is just barely out of the city limits, on the upriver side of Lock & Dam #13. That’s how the Wide River Winery took its name, and, since 2005, Dorothy O’Brien has been growing and having grapes shipped in to produce a little over a dozen different wines. Dorothy, a lawyer by training and practice, was drinking a glass of wine one day when she realized that she could likely make a better wine than what she was drinking. As they say, the rest is history. Her son Matt affectionally referred to his mom as Wonder Woman. If she set her mind on something, she not only accomplished it, but usually excelled at it. And that she has done.

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