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Johnson Named Dubuque Building Services Manager

Dubuque City Manager Mike Van Milligen has named Dave Johnson the building services manager for the City of Dubuque, effective immediately. Johnson, an assistant planner in the City’s planning services department, had served as acting building services manager since January 2018.

The City of Dubuque Building Services Department consists of 12 staff and is responsible for the inspection of building construction projects including structural elements, plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical systems. The department also reviews plans for these projects before permits can be issued.

As building services manager, Johnson will manage the enforcement of building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes and ordinances within the city. He will work with property owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders on compliance with and changes to those codes and ordinances. He will also oversee field inspections and enforcement. The building services department also handles code enforcement related to the readily achievable aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), contractor licensing, storage trailers/containers registration, commercial vacant and abandoned buildings (VABs), demolition by neglect in historic and conservation districts, and the unsafe buildings ordinance. Johnson will also supervise the City’s five custodial staff who maintain City Hall, the City Hall Annex, Historic Federal Building, and Multicultural Family Center.

Johnson had served as assistant planner in the City of Dubuque Planning Services Department since October 2005.


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