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Dubuque County Historical Society Announces Historic Preservation Awards

The Dubuque County Historical Society’s Historic Preservation Awards were presented on April 10, at Millwork Marketplace, 1001 Washington St. as part of Dubuque Main Street’s annual Architecture Days celebration. The evening included a public reception, keynote speaker Susan Gorrell, Executive Director of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, and the awards ceremony.

The properties awarded were chosen for their historic restoration and preservation efforts for buildings in Dubuque County and included:

  • Bryant School, 1280 Rush St., Dubuque – Owner: Dubuque Community School District. Built in 1869 as the South Dodge St. School, Bryant School was renovated in 2015 resulting in a preserved historic aesthetic, improved energy-efficiency, and classrooms flooded with natural light.
  • 208 3rd Ave., Farley – Owner: Lair Tienter

First appearing on a map in 1860 as part of a 900- acre homestead deeded to a Dr. Langworthy, the home was most recently renovated by Lair Tienter, who purchased the property in 2000. The renovation took 15 years and restored the home to its historic appearance.

  • Francis Apartments, 1501 Jackson St., Dubuque – Owner: Steeple Square Built in 1872, St.Mary’s School originally had 12 classrooms. In 2017, it was converted to12 apartments now known as the Francis Apartments on the Steeple Square campus.
  • 1710 Jackson St., Dubuque – Owner: Community Housing Initiatives Built in 1919, the restoration of this property included replicas of the original wood windows, repairs to the brick and mortar, a rebuilt chimney, and fresh paint.
  • 1020 Bluff St., Dubuque – Owners: Douglas and Michelle Schlarman

The modified Gothic row house was restored to its original 1886 appearance by three generations of the Schlarman family.

For more information on Dubuque County Historical Society, visit RiverMuseum.com.


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