by Dan McCarthy

The anticipation is building. There is a certain tension in the air. Can you feel it? The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival is just a couple short weeks away. And if you’re a true lover of film, or stories, or celebrities, or happenings, you have got to be stoked!

Let us caution you, however, because like all things in life, there are right ways and wrong ways to immerse yourself in the myriad activities of the film festival. JDIFF-goers’ best practices, let’s call them. Try to follow these guidelines and you just might be the kind of person Jennifer Lawrence would saddle up to at a party – even though we do not anticipate JLAW will be at this year’s festival. But who knows… maybe she’ll crash it.

Anyway, back to the do’s and don’ts, the yes’s and no’s, the correctamundos and the faux pas – our recommended for taking part in the JDIFF!

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