March is always a tough month for me. As winter drags on, I long for the warm sun on my face and for only a layer or two of clothing on my body. I miss sitting outside by the fire, playing in the garden, and generally all things we take for granted during the warmer months. It is all made even harder when you can see spring just around the bend… but it is still so far away. So, let’s take a little culinary escape this month. A journey across the globe, to warmer tropical locations, and pretend, if even for an evening, that we are not stuck in the doldrums of winter for a few weeks longer. So let’s take a trip.

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Angela and Carolyn Linton-Canfield
After 18 years working in the food and beverage industries of Chicago and San Francisco, Angela and Carolyn started a private chef and catering company, Life’s a Feast, in the tri-state area. They embrace their passion of cooking, entertaining, and creating one-of-a-kind experiences for their clients. Carolyn and Angela now share their passion with viewers on their cable show Life’s a Feast, available on Mediacom and their YouTube channel, Life’s a Feast LLC. Both share their expertise on food and wine on our website, their website, as well as their Facebook page. Recipes and photos are the copyrighted and intellectual property of Life’s a Feast, LLC.


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