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Area Residential Care Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Since 1968, Area Residential Care has worked tirelessly to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities have had the opportunity to experience the world in their own community.

Area Residential Care was the first non-profit corporation in Iowa to secure and maintain a residential facility for persons with disabilities. Founded by a group of parents and community leaders, Area Residential Care offered parents hope and peace of mind and brought kids out of the state institution and back home to Dubuque. Area Residential Care went on to become the first facility in Iowa to have fully accredited residential and vocational programs and was the leader of innovation for the rights of persons with disabilities in the community.

As they embark on their 50th anniversary this next year, they are going to take every opportunity to celebrate how far they’ve come. And, most importantly, will look forward to the next 50 years, to ensure that their services and philosophy continue to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to achieve their highest quality of life.


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