7 Hills Brewing, one of the newest showstoppers in the ever-expanding and always innovative Dubuque Millwork District, prides itself on being “Unapologetically Individualistic.” In fact, even its name is an obscure early reference to a time when Dubuque was compared to the original City of 7 Hills – Rome, Italy. And just as the Romans once conquered much of Western Civilization, this dynamic new establishment is sure to sweep the tri-state area by storm one sip and bite at a time.

If this emphasis on the unconventional has you picturing a band of rebels in charge, perhaps you’re not far from the truth. 7 Hills, which opened in late summer of 2017, is led by owner Keith Gutierrez, Chef Tim Conklin, and Head Brewer Sean Carter (along with General Manager Megan Carter and “First Lady” Abigail Gutierrez).

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Richard G. Shaluly and Melanie Devaney
Richard G. Shaluly is a Southern boy, but he claims that he hasn't missed a beat when it comes to finding warm hospitality and good down-home cooking right here in the Midwest. He has never backed down from a good-looking cheeseburger, but he has also enjoyed getting to the bottom of mouth-watering dishes in cozy spots from California to the Caribbean. His passion for Middle Eastern cuisine keeps him always willing to follow the sound of the adventurous dinner bell, dive in deep, and try something new. Melanie Devaney lives in Epworth. In her ‘other life’ as a singer-songwriter, she has traveled all over the country, as well as in Europe, discovering many delicious meals along the way. With an emphasis on maintaining an overall healthy diet, Melanie strives to find the perfect balance between tasty and nutritious. As a Dubuque County native, Melanie is delighted to see so many new, high-quality restaurants opening throughout the area.


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