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McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler Donating $45k for 45th Year

2018 marks the beginning of McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler’s “$45k for 45 Years” event which is aimed at giving back to the community that has kept the business alive over the years. Each month two local charitable organizations will go head-to-head in a social media competition for the most votes with the winner receiving custom-crafted jewelry from McCoy Jeweler. The two organizations competing in January are Area Residential Care and Resources Unite.

The items for the January event uses everyone’s favorite gemstone, diamonds, as the central theme. The retail value of this month’s $45K for 45 years donation is $2,350.00.

Since 1973, McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler has been providing quality, custom jewelry to the northeast Iowa region. In 1973 Robert McCoy built the foundations of trust and friendly atmosphere for every customer that stepped through the door and in 2013 you can still find Rob at the workbench with the same ideals he had 40 years ago. Throughout the years the shop has gone through some aesthetic changes, but the quality of workmanship has remained the same.


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