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Decker Hotel Sold

Maquoketa Betterment Corporation (MBC) officials have announced that the Decker Hotel & Restaurant was purchased by Larry Thede and will be run by Beth Sparby and Lorraine Eno.

MBC, a 501(c)3 organization, was first founded in 1979 as a way to fund the Main Street program in Maquoketa. The organization was relaunched in 2015 as a civic catalyst for progress in Maquoketa. The MBC purchased the Decker Hotel & Restaurant in late 2015 in order to save the business from closing and the building potentially from being torn down. MBC worked to modernize the hotel, restaurant and bar operation with electronic reservations, a new website, upgraded wireless internet, and a point of sale system.

Beth Sparby is the niece of former Decker Hotel owner and operator, Troy Thede. Sparby and her mother are veterans of the restaurant and hospitality industry, and have owned restaurants in Colorado, Montana, and Arizona over the past nine years.

Located in the heart of downtown Maquoketa since 1875, this charming hotel offers 17 rooms and specialty suites. From the classic restaurant to the neighborhood pub, guests can revel in the care and company that only true Midwestern hospitality can provide.

The Decker Hotel is open and accepting reservations. The Decker Restaurant and Buffalo Room Bar expect to reopen in February. To make a reservation, go to www.DeckerHotel.com or call (563) 652-1875.


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