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Bee Branch Healthy Homes Program

In 2017, the Bee Branch Healthy Homes (BBHH) Resiliency Program improved six housing units and assisted over 50 low- to moderate-income families. Construction contracts for the six housing units were signed and completed between September 8 and December 31, and costs of the improvements totaled approximately $143,600. An additional 21 properties are currently under contract for improvements.

Since launching the program in November 2016, the City has received approximately 360 inquiries and more than 140 applications for assistance. To date, 79 of those applications have been approved and the remainder are in the program’s verification process. Once an application is approved, a BBHH inspector visits the location and assesses the home or property for onsite repairs and renovations that will improve environmental health and address safety issues related to flooding.

Eligible construction activities include repairing damage caused from flooding and improvements that eliminate water infiltration and make the structure more resilient. In 2017, construction contracts included interior drain tile and sump pump installation, foundation waterproofing, gutter and downspout improvements, exterior drain tile, soil and sidewalk modification, furnace and water heater replacement, basement window repairs, ventilation improvements, radon mitigation, and more. An interactive map featuring information and photos of the completed projects is available at www.cityofdubuque.org/bbhh.


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