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All in the Family – Edgewood’s Kendrick, Inc.

The Kendrick family standing in front l-r: Andrea Kendrick Harbaugh, Kerra Kendrick Boriskey, Rhonda, Tim, Kirby, and Morgan Kendrick and employees. Contributed photo.

by Connie Cherba

The Kendrick family, along with a popular meat locker and a spunky new historical museum, has helped put Edgewood, IA, population 861, on the list of must see places in Northeast Iowa. What began as a sawmill has expanded to include a cabinet factory, a multifaceted photo print-on-wood industry, and a spectacular retail store and showroom known as The MARKKET – a name made from a combination of the initials of Kendrick family members Tim and Rhonda, their adult children Morgan, Andrea, Kirby, and Kerra, plus an E for Edgewood.

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