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Two Selected for “Good Faith” Recognition

Joel Miller

Larry McDermott and Joel Miller were named the management and labor recipients of the “Bob Bennett Recognition for Good Faith in Collective Bargaining” at the Dubuque Labor-Management Council’s awards banquet Tuesday, November 21, at the Grand River Center.

McDermott is retired from McDermott Excavating is the 2017 management recipient of the Good Faith award. Joel Miller from the Dubuque Education Association is the 2017 labor recipient.

The Council’s highest recognition honors individuals connected with Dubuque area unions and

Employers who practice good faith in their dealings with others and who are models of “working together for a better community,” the Council’s motto.

Bob Bennett – whom the award is named after – served the Dubuque area and northeast Iowa for twenty-three years as a highly-respected mediator for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), promoting good faith in collective bargaining in both the public and private sectors. To honor his work and highlight the principles Bennett stood for in labor-management relations, the Council established the “Good Faith” recognition for outstanding community leaders who work in the field of collective Bargaining.


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