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Silver Spoon Restaurant [VIDEO]

Blanketing a vast low-lying stretch of valley along the Mississippi River in East Dubuque, IL, is Frenchtress Lake. Eleazer and Diadamia Frentress, for whom the lake is named, stood hand in hand along its peaceful shores in the early 1800’s. From these waters they drew hope for a better tomorrow. A century later, locals threw into these waters cases of booze before the prohibition agents caught up with them.

Today, at the still peaceful Frentress Lake Marina, Chris Staver has set sail with a new venue concept, the Silver Spoon restaurant. Following a soft opening in July, the grand opening took place in August. Chris cites a simple concept with a simple approach. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients served in a relaxed resort atmosphere, clad in natural elements. He achieved his objective with a beautifully harmonic contrast of natural rolling hills and glistening water reaching toward the sleek glass, cedar, stainless steel interior and walls adorned with modern artwork. Chris is already a favorite in Dubuque as the owner of the Copper Kettle.

Accommodating approximately 200 guests with a large outdoor deck, music, and firelight, the Silver Spoon is warm and inviting. An interesting phenomenon occurred when we were seated. I was admiring the exposed sloping steel ceiling structure and polished concrete floor while counting the multiple television screens when I noticed a single sheet menu. Oh, how I adore the single sheet menu. But wait! This does not mean limited choices. No, Ma’am, it doesn’t.

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Richard G. Shaluly and Melanie Devaney
Richard G. Shaluly is a Southern boy, but he claims that he hasn't missed a beat when it comes to finding warm hospitality and good down-home cooking right here in the Midwest. He has never backed down from a good-looking cheeseburger, but he has also enjoyed getting to the bottom of mouth-watering dishes in cozy spots from California to the Caribbean. His passion for Middle Eastern cuisine keeps him always willing to follow the sound of the adventurous dinner bell, dive in deep, and try something new. Melanie Devaney lives in Epworth. In her ‘other life’ as a singer-songwriter, she has traveled all over the country, as well as in Europe, discovering many delicious meals along the way. With an emphasis on maintaining an overall healthy diet, Melanie strives to find the perfect balance between tasty and nutritious. As a Dubuque County native, Melanie is delighted to see so many new, high-quality restaurants opening throughout the area.


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