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Flexsteel Broke Ground on Dubuque Manufacturing Facility

Flexsteel Industries, Inc., along with the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation (GDDC), held a groundbreaking ceremony for Flexsteel’s Dubuque manufacturing facility on October 2 at 501 Seippel Road.

In May 2017, Flexsteel announced plans to build a $25 million facility on 22 acres of land in Dubuque Industrial Center South. This retains more than 200 jobs in the city, including those in product design and development, industrial engineering, office, management, trucking, and various manufacturing roles. Flexsteel expects to complete construction in late 2018, at which time operations will transition to Seippel Road.

In addition to constructing the new facility, Flexsteel will also donate nearly $2.7 million and approximately 40 acres of land that encompasses the current Jackson Street facility to Dubuque Initiatives, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Dubuque.


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