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UD Announces Pilot Pipeline Agreement with GoJet Airlines

The University of Dubuque is pleased to announce that it has signed a pilot pipeline agreement with GoJet Airlines. The Wingman Pipeline Program provides promising pilots currently enrolled in a professional airline training program an internship at GoJet while they build flight hours. Program participants become GoJet First Officers upon completion of the required flight time.

Participating students represent GoJet on campus and at recruiting events, and they are mentored by GoJet pilots throughout the duration of their internships. Additionally, the program prepares student pilots for the GoJet First Officer training program by providing course materials months in advance.

The internship also includes a two-day visit to GoJet’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis, where participants have the opportunity to talk with new pilots who are actually in systems training, as well as sit in on a new hire class to get a feel for what their training will be like. Students are also exposed to the departments within the GoJet Ops Center that they’ll interact with when flying the line, including Dispatch, Crew Scheduling, and Maintenance Control. Best of all, interns have the opportunity to fly in a full-motion CRJ simulator.

In addition to $10,000 in tuition reimbursement, participating students can earn $2,500 for each successful pilot they refer to GoJet during their time as an intern (funds are banked until the students become official GoJet pilots). Other benefits include limited flight benefits and jump seat privileges.

The signing signals the latest airline agreement at UD that provides students a pathway to careers in aviation.

For more information regarding the GoJet Wingman Pipeline program, visit gojetairlines.com.


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