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Dubuque Arts Council Announces Arts Midwest World Fest Partners For Iowa

Arts Midwest World Fest is a program of Minneapolis-based Arts Midwest, one of six regional arts organizations in the United States.

Through this two-year partnership with Dubuque Arts Council and the Live at Heritage Center at the University of Dubuque, Arts Midwest will bring to Dubuque four international music ensembles. Each ensemble will spend a week during which the ensemble will share its unique culture and music through workshops in schools and other community locations, and as well as through a public concert celebration at the end of the week. The idea behind the program is to give Midwestern communities, especially smaller and mid-size communities, an opportunity to hear music, language, and culture that doesn’t come through often, if at all.

In 2017-2018, the ensembles visiting Dubuque include: Sofi & the Baladis, an Israeli folk band which will share its ancient Samaritan melodies (November 6-11, 2017), and Odekoza from Japan which will feature the powerful sounds and rhythms of Taiko drumming so important in Japanese culture (February 12-17, 2018). In 2018-2019, Manhu will bring its rural music from China’s Stone Village area and Unni Boksasp will introduce us to the warm sound of Norway’s lively folk music

The Dubuque Arts Council’s part of the partnership will be to oversee the school residencies, while Live at Heritage Performing Arts Series at the University of Dubuque will host welcoming receptions and public concert performances.


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