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DMASWA Makes It Easy to Recycle at Your Special Event

To encourage recycling at events throughout Dubuque and Delaware counties, the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) has partnered with the City of Dubuque, Dubuque County Conservation Board and, most recently, the City of Dyersville to loan recycling receptacles to event planners. These Special Event Recycling Units are available free of charge for community events in Dubuque and Delaware counties. These units help reduce recyclable waste at events such as conventions, county fairs, community festivals, and large family gatherings. The units are easy to assemble and have a capacity of 45 gallons. Items such as paper, plastic cups #1-5, cardboard, and aluminum beverage containers may be collected. Food waste can be collected inside leaf bags. The event planners are responsible for ensuring the materials collected are transported to the proper management facility.

The DMASWA established the Special Events Recycling Frame Loan Program in 2004 providing support to nine events. Since then the program has grown to over 80 events per year. The frames can be delivered by one of the two trailers or picked up at the following locations, after reserving:

City of Dubuque’s Municipal Services Center, 925 Kerper Court, Dubuque – (563) 589-4250

Swiss Valley Nature Center, 13606 Swiss Valley Road, Peosta – (563)-556-6745

City of Dyersville’s Public Works Building, 244 2nd Street NE, Dyersville – (563) 875-7724


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